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David C Baker - Doing What Works

March 10, 2022


David C Baker, Principal of ReCourses, Inc., is an author, speaker, and advisor. Previously owning his own marketing firm, he found himself giving advice to other business owners a majority of the time and he pivoted aptly. For the last 26 years he’s been a management consultant to the advertising, design, interactive, and public relations fields, advising principals on making better business decisions. Dubbed the expert’s expert, David joins us with profound insight on what works in the ever-changing marketplace.

In his interview, David relates our current turmoil to that of 2008, and speculates about how things will look on the rebound. He sheds light on what changes will almost certainly be temporary, and also what is likely to stick around. David is optimistic about the critical thought and forced reinvention spurred by Covid, but also shares some aspects to be cautious of. Additionally, he shares some thoughts on what advertisers can be doing differently in order to deliver a more meaningful message. Only the strongest business owners will thrive through this, so be sure to listen to David’s critically important advice.