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David Taylor Klaus - Put Your Life Before Your Business (K1117)

October 30, 2021


David Taylor-Klaus, of DTK Coaching, helps entrepreneurs and executives live more fulfilling lives. David started in hospitality, switched to technology, and, despite his accomplishments, eventually realized he wasn’t living the life he truly wanted. In 2008 he started DTK Coaching and hasn’t looked back. As a coach, he aims to hold his clients accountable for both their goals and who they are at their core. 

In his interview, David analyzes the phrase “work-life balance,” and how backward this statement really is. He emphasizes focusing less on revenue-based goals, and instead of taking action on goals oriented towards personal fulfillment - we are not on this planet just to make money. David has much more life-changing information than can fit within a 20-minute interview, and graciously offers a free link to his book “This Is Your Wake-Up Call!” You do not want to miss out on the information David has to share.