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Jeremy Lurey - Developing Your Next Generation Leaders (L1317)

November 2, 2021


There are big differences between the thought processes of generations today and they require substantial thought to developing leadership strategies. Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC addresses the issues and solutions. Listen to his full interview tomorrow morning!


Bill: What are some of the upcoming challenges in leadership training? Here's Jeremy Lurey. 

Jeremy: The unique challenge in our multi-generational environment is that many of the next-gen leaders, whether their generation X or even gen-Y/Millennials that are coming up, while they're eagerly waiting those chances, they don't currently have the fundamental leadership skills they need to succeed at that higher level. And while this may seem like a foreign concept for a lot of baby boomers, who had a different lifestyle, different life path in their professional careers, many of those next-gen leaders have very different life goals and ambitions. And so, they might not even accept that presumed promotion, depending on what strings are attached to it, or under what conditions it's being offered. So leadership development, and especially succession planning, is a whole new ballgame in this multi-generational work environment. 

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