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Rodney Hatley - Do I need to go Offshore for Asset Protection?

September 6, 2021


Rod Hatley of Chhokar Law Group P.C. discusses concepts related to Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation. We add new content daily! Listen on iTunes: iTunes.ExitcoachRadio.com .  


Bill: There's been a lot of talk lately about different types asset protection strategies, especially from business owners who are going from a complicated business asset to liquid. Here's Rod Hatley. 

Rod: Unfortunately, there are people out there who prey on the unsophisticated, and they will talk to you about going offshore, hiding assets, and evading taxes. And, unfortunately, that does happen, but I'm here to tell you, a change in the law some years ago, we can achieve a similar level of protection domestically. We've found that it makes a lot more sense to keep a client domestically, if they'd like to stay. Let me say it this way: asset protection, if it's done legally and ethically, it's not about hiding anything, it's about simply structuring the owner of the asset so that they're safeguarded from risk, nothing more, nothing less. And we can help clients avoid taxes, but we can't help them evade.