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Don Rheem - Thrive by Design

October 15, 2020


Get your notebook ready for this one, Don Rheem, CEO of E3 Solutions, is in the business of increasing workplace engagement through a science-based approach. Don is a nationally recognized TedX Speaker, former White House Correspondent, and Science Advisor to Congress. He is also the author of “Thrive by Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High Performance Cultures.” Don started E3 Solutions 12 years ago and his methods have proven to boost engagement, which results in higher productivity, profitability, and retention. 

 In his interview, Don emphasizes the importance of understanding how employees feel at the workplace, as this is the true mark of a company’s culture. Don comments on the importance of graciousness in the time of Covid, as memories made in fear will last a lifetime and retention may be dependent on thoughtfulness. He shares ways to create "emotional velcro" and discusses why compensation doesn't necessarily correlate with engagement. Don's insight is critical to building a more engaged and productive team, do not miss this fascinating conversation relevant to all.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:24-4:34: We know the conditions which make brain function thrive, we need to design our workplace around this.
  • 6:32-7:48: “What does it feel like to work here?” - That is your true work culture.
  • 9:27-10:35: Compensation does not necessarily correlate with performance.
  • 15:08-16:15: Factors that correlate with engagement and how the brain behaves.
  • 17:01-18:07: Specific considerations regarding productivity and metabolic capacity during times of crisis.

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