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Dr. Jerry Kornfeld - How to Combat Heart Disease (A2218)

January 22, 2019


For many years the American Heart Association and the medical profession has been addressing this issue and deaths from Heart Attacks is decreasing, but it still is our number one killer and Dr. Jerry's mission is to try and get your help to change the statistic. 


Questions Asked: 

1. Why do you think it is still our number one killer?

2. What exactly is a heart attack?

3. What are the risk factors for a heart attack and what is the metabolic syndrome?

4. Some recent information that cholesterol is really not the problem. What is the good and what is the bad cholesterol?

5. I have heard a lot about Red Meat, is it really aproblem?

Contact Info: 

Website: www.askdoctorjerry.com

Email: kjbkorn@aol.com