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Eileen Stephens - Taking Over and Growing Your Business

July 19, 2020

Screen_Shot_2020-06-16_at_103311_AM_9t1gk.pngEileen Stephens is a Consultant at Culture Index who is an expert at assembling successful teams. She is in the business of helping business owners put together a strong team that will help them both take over their business and allow it to grow in the future. Using proven assessment tools, Eileen helps make sure people are in the right seats on the metaphorical bus. As Baby Boomers are exiting the workforce, it’s crucial we prepare the next generation to fill their seats. 

In her interview, Eileen shares tips regarding business succession and the importance of making good choices regarding leadership staff. She shares relevant examples proving the wrong choice can be a costly one, as well as ways to avoid bad decisions. Eileen also talks about family members and their potential role in business succession. She shares assessment tools that will help ensure everyone is in a position that fits their skills and will help everyone thrive. Eileen’s tips could make or break your transition process, be sure to listen to her valuable knowledge.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 8:35-9:33: It’s easy to hire someone persuasive, but making the wrong choice can be more expensive than you think.
  • 10:38-11:40: Tips for getting the highest payout when you decide to sell.
  • 14:34-15:24: Your child may not be the best fit for running the business - not doing anyone any favors if you put someone in a role they aren’t wired to do.
  • 17:00-17:45: Most people want to do a good job and are aware of their own strengths.

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