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Elizabeth Thornton - Rethinking the Way You Think with Greater Objectivity

November 19, 2020


Joining us next is Elizabeth Thornton, CEO of Global Initiative of Objective Leadership and Professor of Management Practice at Babson Executive Education. After deeply and honestly analyzing why her first business venture failed, she struck mental gold by realizing the importance of objective thinking. This prompted her to further study things like psychology and neuroscience, eventually leading her to develop a course called “Principles of Objectivity.” She teaches both students and established business executives to think more objectively and avoid common cognitive errors that can inhibit personal growth and success.

In her interview, Elizabeth deeply discusses the difference between subjectivity and objectivity, as well as how they apply to business. Her insight into neuroplasticity and its relevance in the workplace is truly fascinating. She offers a variety of tips on how to analyze your own thought processes, overcome your instinctual responses, and break outside of your existing mental models. We are inherently subjective, but Elizabeth proves we can use objective thought to develop a better sense of clarity.

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