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Eric Seropyan - Essentials of Search Engine Optimization

July 2, 2020


Eric Seropyan, President of This is My South Bay, is an SEO expert at his digital marketing agency. Eric also teaches part-time at Orange County Search Engine Optimization Academy. By taking advantage of Google’s algorithms, you can get free traffic to your website. Eric knows that this traffic can be a game changer for small businesses. 

In his interview, Eric gives an overview on search engine optimization and why you need to consider it. Without proper SEO, it will be extremely difficult to have a successful online presence. In the increasingly digital age, this aspect of your business is absolutely worth spending some time, money, and effort. Eric shares some tips for getting the attention of both your clients and Google’s algorithms in order to boost your search ranking. The next level of marketing will be marked by the ability to drive people to take digital action, so be sure to get ahead of the curve and listen to Eric’s knowledge.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 2:02-2:56: What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it important?
  • 3:30-4:34: Discusses metrics which Google uses in Search Engine Optimization.
  • 7:07-8:13: Optimization requires getting the attention of both Google and the person clicking to your site.
  • 14:18-15:16: The next iteration of marketing is driving people to take digital action.

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