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Erik Klinger - Dealounge (J2517)

October 25, 2018

Dealounge is an online deal platform. Our unique mission is to bring undercovered and under-distributed deals to a wider audience.

Many boutique investment banks lack the junior resources to distribute a deal efficiently. These are firms that may have a single Analyst assisting several Managing Directors. Making outbound calls on deals isn't the best use of that Analyst's time. Our electronic platform allows those banks to distribute a deal instantly. We have nearly 1,400 firms on our platform - most of them private equity. We bring the advisor qualified deal interest - for FREE.

We bring these buyers a deal that they may not have known about, of sufficient size (if that buyer subscribes) that the deal is a standalone deal and not simply an add-on. We focus mainly on M&A opportunities having $3MM of EBITDA and above, though we also have smaller deals that may fit as an add on to a portfolio company. For our subscribers, we limit the number of bidders on a deal to 10, and our subscribers get priority during the bidding process over free users.

We are reaching beyond advised deals to add value to truly proprietary opportunities. This gives the buyers on our platform the ability to get their brands in front of companies before they reach the stage of retaining an advisor. Some deals may forego a competitive process, or at the very least, a seller can give a buyer an advantaged position in their process once it starts. In order to take advantage of that opportunity, the buyer must be a subscriber on Dealounge.

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