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Ganesh Kalyanaraman - International Employee Challenges

April 7, 2017


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Ganesh: There are various Visa options for work, but the one main one is the H1-B Visa. There are only 65,000 of those Visas available every year, and they're first come, first serve. The demand for those Visas is vastly more than the supply, so of those 65,000 about 225,000 apply for that. So, the remainder of those people are put into a lottery, and if they win then they get one of these 65,000 Visas or they get the ability for the immigration service to adjudicate them. That runs on the fiscal year of the government, which is October 1st. We can begin filing April 1st. So, if you contact me January/February of each beginning year, then that would probably be the appropriate time so that we can put together a properly filed petition in April.

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