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Craig West - The Impact of Exit Panning

January 10, 2022


Craig West discusses the impact exit planners can have by helping prepare financial, business, and personal matters.


Craig: The big change for me, and certainly for most of my advisors and people that have done the secret program in Australia, or a lot of the I would imagine who have done it here, is that you're actually doing something quite tangible that really helps a business owner in terms of their financial and personal lifestyle outcome. So, as an accountant, I used to lodge tax returns and I used to lodge lots of other compliance documents, and at the end of the day, you really don't help people. But, if you can get an exit plan right, and I've got a number of examples where I've worked with clients over 3-5 years to really prepare them, their family, their business, their financials, their personal situation for an exit, and if you can achieve that very successfully, you make a substantial difference to that person and their family.