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Kevin Short - Sell for an Outrageous Price

April 14, 2016

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Kevin: I want to get a sense of how sustainable is this company? If a buyer buys it, closes on it, are they going to be able to run the company and experience the same profitability like the current owner? So, how to we prove that? We look at management team. If the current owner goes away, is there a second tier management that's high quality? Do they have customer dependency? Customer dependency kills a lot of deals right out of the gate. So, if you're overly dependent on any one customer, that's a problem. Sometimes, you can be overly dependent on one vendor, that's a problem. Sometimes you can be overly dependent on a superstar sales person, and that can be a problem. Those are all things that need to be looked at and reviewed with whoever is preparing them with their exit.

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