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Rick MacBarron - Financial Planning Tips for Business Owners (G0717)

April 17, 2021







Rick MacBarron shares some financial planning tips from his many years of experience. Find his full interviews by searching in our index.


Bill: What's the buyer who's gonna buy your business, gonna look for in your business? Here's two great tips from Rick MacBarron.

Rick: The investment banking market is a nervous market, buyer's are very, very careful. So, again, when you present to the market, the business has got make a lot of sense. A buyer's gotta be able to look at the financials and understand it quickly, and not have to do a lot of digging around and, "can you explain this to me, please?" and, they don't want to ask a lot of those questions. Well, the other thing I see, Bill, is business owners just doing too many things, so that when a buyer comes along, the buyer's gonna say, "well, wait a minute, Mr. or Ms. Business Owner, you are the business." A company I'm working with right now in Wilmington, where we're intentionally bringing in a management team, so that when my client steps out, the buyer can look at it and say, "okay, this is a business I can buy, and it can continue running without the big guy still in the company."