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Hans Sperling - Use Caution When International Buyers Come Calling

January 20, 2021

Hans Sperling, Attorney - Sperling Law Corporation discusses some of the precautions he helps his clients think through when International Buyers approach them for purchase of the business.


Hans: I mean, I think, even in domestic transaction when you kind of see the money from working a long time to find a good buyer, people want to strike while the iron's hot. A lot of what we do is say, let's slow down a little bit and make sure we do this right. But, with international, as your saying, it's that much more risky. Yeah, they could be trying to get your intellectual property, that's very common, we protect you from that. And the other thing is, if you're manufacturing or you have some technology that might be sensitive, I mean it's not necessarily obvious, it's not necessarily a missile, it could be there's magnets, lasers, sensors, all kinds of things you might not think of as being military sensitive. There's a whole other area of the law that covers that, so that could be an issue. There's also something called a foreign corrupt practices act, which, when you're dealing internationally, you have to be very careful, because in some cultures, they might not look like bribes, but gifts and so are common, and you have to be really careful to stay on the right side of the law, especially US law. 

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