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Kevin Weir - If it is Hard to Turn The Key, You Will Not Get Top Dollar

April 7, 2022

Kevin Weir, Action Coach, discusses a common problem of many small businesses - lack of processes and systems that make it hard to transition the business.


Kevin: When you're trying to sell a business, it's a lot harder to sell a business if it isn't a turn-key operation. If somebody wants to walk in and buy a business and all the systems are sitting in the owner's head, that potential buyer is going to place a discount on that business, because most people who are investing in business aren't going to want to just purely operate it on an ongoing basis. A lot of people who are wanting to buy a business want to be able to have some level of ability to let it operate buy itself. The less systems you have in the business, the bigger the discount. So, what we do, is we help them develop and systematize the business such that it can work without them, because our definition of a business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you, the business owner. To the degree it fits that definition is the degree that you're going to have a much more valuable business.