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Tawnya Gilreath - Increase Business Value 30% in the Year Leading up to Sale

April 6, 2021

Tawnya Gilreath of LA Business Pros talks about a 12 month Value Driver process they use to Guarantee a 30% increase in the value of a business from the time they initially value your business.


Tawnya: Basically, we put together a systematic process where we could help business owners that want to increase the value of their business before putting it on the market, and it is a 12 month program. Now, understand that some business owners are burned out and they don't want to wait 12 months. However, for those that do, we guarantee we will be able to sell their business for at least 30% more than the initial valuation when we started. So, when you think about that in terms of, if a business is worth $2M at the beginning, that means 12 months later, we guarantee that we're going to be able to sell it for $2.6M. 

Bill: So, by working with you and you coming in and saying, "You've got to fix this, put processes and systems in place, work on all these different areas," they're going to drive up the value of their business 30% and you guys stand behind that? 

Tawnya: We do stand behind that, and what we do is, let's go back to that $2M vs. $2.6M, let's say we only sell that business for $2.5M. Not only does the business owner derive the benefit of that extra half-million dollars in revenue from the sales price, but in addition to that, we refund all the consulting fees that he paid during that 12 month period, during that process. So it's absolutely risk free to that business owner.