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Jamie Leno Zimron - Stress Less / Prosper More: Effortless Power for Unprecedented Success! (A3118)

June 2, 2021









Jamie shares her incredible life journey with us and shares great lessons she has learned along the way.

Dynamic Peak Performance training, consulting and speaking - with a unique integrative approach blending

psychology, body-mind fitness, professional golf and martial arts expertise, and entrepreneurial energy.

Questions answered:

1) Your work is very 'experiential.' What does that look like, and why do you feel that is such an essential

element in your talks and trainings?

2) Can you tell us more about Somatics, and why both a mind and body approach to mastery is especially

important in our cyber-age?

3) Do people have to be into martial arts to benefit from your work?

Contact info:

Email Address Jamiesensei@thekiaiway.com

Website www.thekiaiway.com