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Jeremy Lurey - Strategies for Building Your High Performing Virtual Team

November 23, 2020


Back with us again is Jeremy Lurey of Chief Exec Coach and Family Legacy First. He aims to increase job satisfaction and personal fulfillment in companies, and make a difference in businesses that make a difference. He got a jump start on building successful virtual teams after an earthquake in 1994 rendered many employees’ commutes impossible. Jeremy has found that ultimately, our virtual teams are still just teams, but they require more structured processes and increased dependence on technology. 

During this time of reinvention, Jeremy’s knowledge is invaluable for those trying to navigate the virtual environment. He shares ideas on inspiring productivity and high performance from afar. Jeremy also expresses the importance of flexibility and understanding during this time where everyone is adapting to drastic change. As virtual workplaces quickly become the norm, it is essential to adapt, don’t miss out on Jeremy’s methods for doing so with success.

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