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Jim Muehlhausen - Half Retire

September 23, 2021


Jim Muehlhausen, Founder of Half Retire, helps individuals maximize their business value via a strategy he calls Half Retirement. Jim noticed a trend of people reluctant to fully retire and sought to create a solution. Some business owners may lose their sense of identity if they are no longer at CEO status, and can tend to struggle to find ways to fill the day without the work they know and love. Meanwhile, some may simply struggle to sell the business for their magic number and remain in the business out of necessity.

In his interview, Jim describes what half retirement looks like in a practical sense, as well as what needs to happen in order to successfully half retire. He discusses the benefits of being able to drive up the value of your business while working less hours, and ultimately not losing money to transactional sales tax. Jim shares ways to design work away and be responsible for only the unique areas in which you cannot be replaced. He also discusses his upcoming book, also called “Half Retire,” which dives deeper into the concepts he’s outlined. If you desire to maintain a successful company and income while working less, Jim’s interview is definitely for you.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:59-4:50: What is Half Retirement all about?
  • 7:19-8:19: Some of the things needed to successfully half retire.
  • 9:56-10:57: You cannot simply delegate your way to half retirement, you still need to bring your unique work.
  • 16:22-17:15: Technology’s role in the half retirement process and business valuation.
  • 18:30-19:28: Delegation costs money, but there are ways to design work away.