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Joel Dobrin - Getting the Most out of Cost Segregation

September 1, 2020


Joel Dobrin  joined me Cost Segregation Initiatives.  A true and still somewhat underutilized "Hidden Gem" of the Tax Code - Cost Segregation is a powerful strategy available to owners of commercial and residential rental property.   It can also be applied when improvements are being made to existing or older properties.  Enhancements made in the 2017 via Tax Reform and recently by the Cares Act have added key things that owners should be aware of.   

Questions we discussed:
1.  Who can benefit most from Cost Segregation?
2.   Is there a building cost basis threshold needed for this to make sense?
3.   Seems like more people are involved in this, some promoting Cost Seg and a host of other services, is there a difference in providers and what should one look for?

Joel will provide a no cost / no obligation benchmark overview assessing and illustrating potential tax savings benefits.  
Please feel free to call him at 805-680-3834 or email joel@costseginitiatives.com to discuss.