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John Grace - Be More Diversified Than Ever

June 1, 2016

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John: There's nowhere to hide, there's no sure bet. And we're suggesting for those who can't afford, you know, "we're preparing to retire, I'm gonna start taking money out," they have to understand that they cannot afford a 50 to a 90% decline. So, what can we do? We're suggesting that we be more diversified than ever before. Most of us cut our teeth on mutual funds. What the mutual fund industry has taught us, the best way to invest is through a mutual fund, and when we look at the mutual funds, no matter how many you count, there are really only three categories: it's cash, it's bonds, and it's stocks. That's it! Well, the hedge to stocks is commodities. How much exposure do you have to commodities in your mutual funds? None. So, if you have real exposure to commodities, that's now a fourth leg underneath your stool, right? The natural hedge to bonds would be real estate investment trusts, business development corporations, where the yields are very predictable. That would now be the fifth leg underneath your stool. And then the natural hedge to the US dollar, for those who travel, certainly understand foreign currencies, and that would be a sixth leg underneath your stool of life savings. Insurance or annuities might be a seventh leg, but now we have seven legs underneath your stool. Certainly, we would all agree that seven legs under anything is more stable than one, two, or three. 

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