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Julia Wuench - Career Coaching and Connections

July 20, 2020


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Julia Wuench, Founder of The Authenticity Guide, and Contributor to Forbes, is passionate about helping her clients find more fulfillment in their work life. She does this by introducing more human connections, both externally and introspectively. The Authenticity Guide is a career coaching firm that specializes in problem-solving in the business world. Julia focuses on a more human-centered approach, utilizing tools like connection, communication, and collaboration. 


In her interview, Julia discusses the extreme value of human connection. She related this to the current COVID crisis and how you can improve your connection, both to others and yourself. Julia shares some ways she’s helped people pivot their careers to a passion they can monetize, regardless of age. She shares valuable advice for anyone who is unhappy with their work-life, as well as a generous offer for our listeners. Do yourself a favor and listen to Julia’s advice on how to boost your connection and fulfillment.


1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:47-5:00: The significance of human connection in the business world.
  • 5:44-7:02: COVID and its effect on connections - why we must be intentional.
  • 7:51-8:46: How to connect during COVID time whether you are thriving or struggling.
  • 10:49-11:30: Career changes late in the game, you can monetize your passion.
  • 13:30-14:39: Two pieces of advice for anyone who is unhappy with their work life.

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