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Katharine Halpin - 3 Keys to Accelerating Growth Quickly and Sustainably (C2118)

July 23, 2021


Katharine Halpin is in the business of accelerating the growth of companies before, during and after transitions and transactions. 

Questions addressed:

What is the #1 thing Business Owners can do to accelerate the growth of their company before they prepare for the sale?

When is the 'right time' to tackle that?

How in the world do you know if you do or do not have the right people in the right roles, focused on the right priorities?

Special Offer! Complimentary, Confidential Consultation available for anyone who hears this message. Just call Katharine Halpin at 602-266-1961 or email K.Halpin@HalpinCompany.com  or go to our website www.HalpinCompany.com  My book, Alignment for Success: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams and Your Company is available on Amazon.