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Kathy Dawson - Making a Difference One Job at a Time

October 8, 2020


Kathy Dawson, esteemed Provisors member and CEO of Dawson & Dawson, is passionate about getting people into the right job and is a sought after talent broker. She’s been in the Search and Staffing industry for over 35 years and is a Certified Staffing Professional. In 2008, Kathy started her company in order to create a one-stop shop for employment service. Kathy has helped thousands of business owners hire the right employee at the right time, and aims to make a difference in people’s lives one job at a time. 

In her interview, Kathy shares valuable information for both business owners and individuals. She discusses some new practices coming to life due to Covid regulations, as well as potent insight regarding the economic outlook from her industry-agnostic perspective. Kathy explains why it is essential to see people as individuals with unique skills in order to find their best fitting job. Impactful hiring can and should be mutually beneficial, and a positive attitude goes a long way. Kathy’s giving spirit and deep wisdom on this subject cannot be missed.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:29-6:36: Many people become entrepreneurs by identifying a need and starting a business which addresses said need - this is how Kathy started Dawson & Dawson.
  • 10:47-11:57: New programs and job placement related to new Covid practices.
  • 13:17-14:16: Status of the current economic outlook and unemployment statistics.
  • 16:21-17:36: Valuable wisdom for entrepreneurs from Kathy’s 30+ years of experience. 
  • 18:31-19:30: 10% of Kathy’s business’ budget goes to people who need help without a fee.

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