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Ken Majer - Establish a Value Driven Culture

March 24, 2022








Dr. Kenneth Majer has been a successful author, speaker, and consultant to companies large and small for over 30 years. He is a subject matter expert in change management, corporate culture, communications, values-based leadership, organizational alignment, and management training.

Ken is best known for using values-based concepts to improve corporate culture. His premise is that values-driven companies always outperform the competition. He uses his experience and insights to change businesses dramatically and permanently. Ken’s vision includes helping companies stay ahead of the curve as they adapt to new realities in today’s radically changing business world. His goal is to enable leaders to use the power of values-driven alignment to enhance their success.

Ken provides insight, products, and services that business leaders rely on for success. Establish a values-driven culture as your core business strategy to help your company outperform the competition!

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