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Ken Tucker - Intentional Conversations (B1818)

February 7, 2019

Here is a synopsis of Ken's soon to be released book, Intentional Conversations: How to Rethink Everyday Conversation and Transform Your Career. This book is the sequel to the book Your Intentional Difference, which Bill Black and I discussed last month on his show, and is another step required for people to become more intentional in their life and career. Becoming intentional in our conversations is an important activity that we begin practicing early on in our lives and it grows in importance the longer we live.

We all have that  “first” conversation.That specific day and time, that moment, that first instance when, as a child, we put together the thoughts, ideas, or information that launch us into a conversation with another person. It is a monumental event that few people, if any, remember at all. When was your first conversation? What was it about? Who was it with? What was the outcome? Sadly, like me, you probably cannot recall that momentous first conversation. It happened, you know it did, and it does not matter whether the conversation showed your brilliance, levity, innocence, simplicity, or hilarity—it is lost and gone forever.

Conversation sets us apart from all other animals. The use of spoken words to exchange ideas, thoughts, and information is a uniquely human ability. What we say in conversation matters. Through conversation people decide whether they like us or not, whether to follow us or not. Through conversation, we define who we are, who we want to become and what our value is to others. Most importantly, it is through conversation that we get work done.