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Kevin Berson - How to Increase Valuation and Maximize Deal Proceeds When Selling Your Business

May 8, 2020


Our next guest is Kevin Berson of Kinected Consulting. Kevin is an M&A Advisor and strategy consultant serving lower middle market business owners by helping fundamentally improve their business and navigate the process of selling for maximum transactional value. He has over 25 years of experience and takes a holistic approach with his clients. During this time of radical change, he shares insight on how to increase valuation despite the crisis. 

Businesses are affected in different ways depending on their industry - some are actually thriving, while others have come to a complete halt. One of the most essential pieces to a business going forward will be maintaining a healthy eCommerce facet that allows consumer-facing businesses to continue operations. As new guidelines are unveiled, businesses are finding they will not be able to operate at their pre-COVID capacity. Kevin shares real-world examples of what companies are doing to adapt, as well as discussing crucial actions business owners should take right now to increase their value. You do not want to miss out on Kevin’s extremely relevant expertise.

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