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Lauren Mullee - All About Marvin Actions

June 2, 2020


Back with us again is Lauren Mullee, Attorney and Partner at Buncher Law Corporation. She specializes in Marvin Actions, or non-marital cohabitation cases. With the rise in popularity of non-marital cohabitation, this information is likely very important to you or someone you know. There is a lot of confusion regarding Marvin Actions and Lauren is here to clarify.

In her interview, Lauren outlines the origin of Marvin Action and compares this field to family law. The laws that apply to married people do not necessarily apply to those who have amassed an estate while cohabitating and unmarried. Despite the vagueness of the law in these situations, Lauren knows firsthand that there still may be disputes to settle. Lauren always keeps her clients’ bottom line in mind and shares some ways to settle outside of the court system. Until changes are made to the law surrounding non-marital cohabitation, a strong and knowledgeable advocate like Lauren is essential in these situations.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 3:56-4:56: A brief background of Marvin Action and its origins.
  • 13:20-14:23: The differences in legal meaningfulness for non-marital agreements vs. marital agreements.
  • 18:06-19:23: What would need to happen for law development of non-marital cohabitation cases.

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