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Leisa Reid - The Key to Mastering Your Mind in Business

October 30, 2020


Leisa Reid, Trainer and Speaker at Productive Learning, is in the business of personal and professional development through mind mastery. In her darkest place, Leisa took a workshop through Productive Learning and it turned her life around, eventually she started working for them to help others do the same. When faced with unknown circumstances, such as the current pandemic, we all have natural reactionary tendencies that can cause us to be less productive than we could be. Leisa is an expert on overcoming these obstacles and helping people harness the power of their own mind. 

In her interview, Leisa discusses how thoughts lead to results and explains the significance of meta-cognition. Specifically, she shares a model for how we can take control over our thoughts with self-inquiry in order to garner the results we desire. Leisa also expands on the fear responses of fight or flight, to include freezing and fainting as well. By slowing down and becoming aware of how you respond to a crisis, you can catch yourself in these thoughts, overcome, and ultimately become more productive. Lisa also offers some free tools to our listeners for their own mind mastery journey. Wherever you go, your mind goes with you, so don’t miss out on Leisa’s indispensable, extremely relevant information on mastering your mind.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:12-6:12: “Thoughts lead to feelings, lead to actions, leads to results.”
  • 6:56-7:55: The root of worry and importance of slowing down and controlling your own thoughts.
  • 9:02-10:08: Fight, flight, freeze, or faint - different ways of coping with fear and your awareness of your own response.
  • 16:27-17:35: Your mind always has a goal, but sometimes your unconscious mind can prevail and get in the way by fulfilling its own goals. 

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