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Leslie Groene - Strategies for Navigating Sales During Crisis

October 7, 2020


Leslie Groene, President of Groene Consulting, is a Sales Coaching Consultant who provides the tools needed to enhance sales team skills and effectiveness. She serves as an industry agnostic, outsourced sales manager and trainer and has worked with many big companies. Leslie is extremely passionate about helping others create organic revenue growth. She has valuable information on how salespeople can and should continue despite the larger crisis. 

In her interview, Leslie discusses why it is essential to understand the needs of your client. She also highlights the importance of knowing the long term value of your customers rather than just being focused on a one-time sell. Leslie suggests we now must shift from being sales representatives, to being resources for our client in order to help them remain in business through these challenging times. People need to feel understood before they will listen to you, and everyone has been impacted differently - intentional empathy is critical right now. Leslie’s tips are extremely useful to anyone trying to understand how to communicate during the ongoing crisis.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:12-4:31: Long-term relationship selling by thoroughly understanding your client.
  • 6:21-7:32: Speaks about strategies to use in this uncertain time of crisis and keeping focus on the clients.
  • 9:59-11:10: Take the approach of finding your clients’ needs and find where you can help.
  • 11:30-12:37: Identify what you can bring to the table to help your client remain in business, and other different things you can do now.
  • 17:24-18:22: Identify your perfect client, consider your new prospects, and keep your existing clients. 

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