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Leslie Hassler - Become the Chairman of the Board of Your Life (E0417)

February 22, 2021


Banish Your 5 Time Demons! How to get 2 hours back in your day, everyday!

How would it feel to have more hours in your day? What if there was a way NOT to get lost in the vortex of your busy life? It is possible to add more time to your day and get more done? Join Leslie Hassler with Your Biz Rules ™ for this powerful, tip-packed class where she will explain how women entrepreneurs can expand time and turn minutes to moments, creating tangible results and predictable success.

Questions Answered:

1) Why do entrepreneurs struggle with time management?

2) How do women and men struggle with time management differently?

3) How does a shift in time management change a business?

Contact info:

Email Address: leslie@yourbizrules.com

Website: www.yourbizrules.com



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