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Marc Hankin - A Little IP Planning Solves Big IP Headaches

January 21, 2020


IP assets are important and planning for them is complicated --  but very necessary. Listen to Marc Hankin of Hankin Patent Law explain.

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Bill: When it comes to intellectual property issues, there's always a lot to think about, and one of the best minds in the country is Marc Hankin. 

Marc: A little bit of planning will really prevent a big problem down the road, and intellectual property protection is somewhat confusing, you really should talk to someone who's a specialist at doing this, but not doing that costs so much more down the road because you haven't protected your most important asset which is your technology. You have to, first of all, protect your technology, protect your inventions, your innovation. Number two is worry about, when you're buying a product from someone else, whether you're a value edit reseller or distributor, if you're getting products manufactured for less money, for example, in China or somewhere else, when you sell those products here in the United States, you have to worry about whether someone has rights that can block you, and perhaps come after you and sue you successfully for infringing their rights. 

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