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Martin Staubus - Stocks, Owners, and Employees (C2518)

April 1, 2019
Martin Staubus is a Consultant for the Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management. The Beyster Institute is a nationally recognized center of expertise in employee stock plans. Mark focuses on: 1) structuring ESOPs so business owners can liquidate equity on highly tax-favored, flexible terms; and 2) creating equity participation programs that use stock options, restricted stock, or other forms of equity compensation to attract and motivate employees.


The Beyster Institute at UC San Diego is the nation's leading university-based center of expertise on employee stock programs. They provide advisory services to business owners who are interested in monetizing some or all of their equity value through an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) - a program that allows an owner to sell any portion of his stock to his employees, generating tax savings that can actually exceed the value of the stock being sold. The institute also advise on the design and implementation of equity participation programs that use stock options, SARs, restricted stock grants or other forms of equity compensation to attract, retain and motivate employees, and align the team's focus on driving the success of the business.
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