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Mike Goodfriend - Make a Difference in Leadership

March 5, 2021












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Mike Goodfriend, President of Goodfriend & Associates, is a teamwork engineer, leadership coach, and a meeting facilitator. Mike has always considered himself a student of strategy, teamwork, and leadership. He now trains teams to leverage these skills in order to mine and uncover business opportunities. Mike and his team bring some fun competition into their methodology in order to foster growth within organizations. 


In his interview, Mike describes the ways in which he helps teams become more cohesive and seize new business opportunities. Mike explains the unique team development workshops he hosts, which he calls “Teamwork Sharks.” He discusses how this helps people discover new ways of identifying and presenting business opportunities. He also shares the importance of detailed data analytics. An effective company will have strong values from the top down, so be sure to tune into Mike’s tips on how you can refine your leadership team.


1-Minute Sections:
  • 3:00-4:07: Using data analytics effectively can be a game changer, like in Major League Baseball.
  • 9:23-10:28: Introducing Teamwork Sharks Leadership Development courses as a way to teach effective business plan presentation and encourage strategic thinking within leaders.
  • 11:42-12:32: An overview of Mike’s strategies for leadership coaching.