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Mike Leannah - Grow Your Business Value NOW to Maximize your Future

January 6, 2022


Mike Leannah’s background includes over 20 years in a C-Suite executive position in various industries domestically, along with 4 years of international experience with a Fortune 100 company.

As an entrepreneur, Mike organically grew his company from $2.7M to $22M in a four- year period, realizing EBITDA growth from $400K to $3.1M.
Mike joined Cornerstone with the goal of helping business owner clients plan for the single, most critically important financial event of their lives - the transition out of their business. Mike, as a member of the BEI Network of Exit Planning Professionals has earned the designation of a BEI Certified Exit Planner, CExP.

During this interview, we discuss the answers to these questions (among others):

What do owners and CEO say is the biggest issue that they face?
What is the business owners largest obstacle in building enterprise value?
What are the characteristics of a company that will grow and prosper during and after this pandemic?

Mike offers a 1 Hour Complimentary consultation to discuss "What's keeping you up at night"