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Nina Stillman - Estate Planning for Business Owners

December 12, 2020


Nina Stillman is an estate planning attorney, Provisors member, as well as CEO and Owner of The Stillman Law Group. Nina helps business owners keep the promises they make about taking care of their families using estate planning and business law. Being raised by an entrepreneurial father, Nina got her MBA at the dinner table and has unique insight into the business aspect of estate planning. Many business owners tend to forget that the business is a part of their estate, and leaving this out can cause a nightmare for your family. 

In her interview, Nina discusses why you should take some simple steps now in order to avoid disaster down the line. The emotional toll of losing a family member can be dramatically amplified by not having a plan worked out. Nina shares some insider tips for ensuring your assets are distributed with growth in mind. Without careful consideration, you may inadvertently leave your loved ones with a mountain of taxes or other responsibility they may not be prepared for. Estate planning is an inevitable fact of life, take the time to be informed and use Nina’s expertise to your advantage.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 7:15-8:27: Talks about necessity of estate planning early along with what considerations to make.
  • 13:44-14:47: Emotional toll of losing a family member can be amplified by not knowing what to do with the business. 
  • 15:19-16:35: All assets are not equal - careful planning and distribution is essential.

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