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Peter Levitan - After A Business Career, What?

May 5, 2022



Peter Levitan coaches marketing agency leaders on their business development and just wrote the Book... "How To Sell Your Advertising Agency". (Note: this works for any business and is a lot about understanding why you are selling and what you are going to do next.)

And, in 2012 he wrote "Boomercide. From Woodstock To Suicide." "The book is about using suicide as a financial planning tool. When I sold my last business my accountant told me... you know how much $ you have / How much you spend / but not how long it has to last. I said, but...." 

Realizing after he sold his business that he was free to "live anywhere", he moved to San Miguel de Allende Mexico in 2016.

Here's a few questions we discussed the answers to today:
You sold a business in 2012. What was your post business plan and what have you learned?
Why did you write Boomercide?
What is life like in Mexico? How did you make that decision?

Peter's tips for those of you who are contemplating "what's next" include"
"Have a plan. Know your goals. Do the research. Most people do not."

Learn more about Peter at his website at Peterlevitan.com