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Reb Risty - Marketing in the Virtual Universe: 5 Reasons Every Business Should Use Video Testimonials

March 15, 2022

Screen_Shot_2020-06-15_at_51519_PM_ay9by.pngReb Risty, Head and CEO of REBL Marketing, is a marketing expert with useful information for communicating with your customers in these unique times. After starting her company in 2008, her mission has been to help her clients clearly communicate their value propositions and boost engagement. The marketplace has rapidly shifted from a digital world to a virtual universe, so online presence is more important than ever before, and video testimonials are a great place to start. As we begin to reopen, Reb has tips for marketing in a cognizant manner.

In her interview, Reb discusses the importance of continuing communication with your customers. She dives deep on the importance of having not just testimonials, but video testimonials from clients. Reb shares some of the reasons video testimonials are so successful and how you can easily start generating your own. It is essential to adapt to the changing marketplace, use Reb’s tips to thrive in the virtual space.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:28-6:21: Marketing tips for the re-opening and business survival.
  • 6:54-7:58: “We went from a digital world to a virtual universe,” continue evolving your plan. 
  • 8:49-9:54: Importance of testimonials, and reasons why a video testimonial is even more powerful.
  • 11:30-12:30: Simple ways to get video testimonials from your clients.
  • 13:22-14:24: Sweet spot of time frame for video testimonial, with social media platforms and customers in mind.
  • 17:34-18:20: Keep communicating with your customers, they’ll know you’re there for them when things bounce back.