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Tim Hollinger - Building Retirement Plans That Help Employees Finish Strong

March 19, 2020

23bccf1.jpgHost: Buck Blanton. Audio library: www.ExitCoachRadio.com. A discussion about the new trends to automate employer-sponsored retirement plans in order to produce a better retirement outcome.New content daily - check back often!


Tim: If you've got a number of participants that are around 60 years old, for example, and you take the statistics that we just said in terms of how much money people would save for retirement and their readiness, and they look at it and they think, "well, I think I'm gonna keep working another three or four years," and then they start doing the math and they realize, "wait a minute, I don't have the money to do that." Well then, what's the natural tendency? They continue to work. And if that happens, you've got people working into their late sixties, early seventies. Nothing wrong with that, but what's the cost implication to the employer to have those folks as part of the health & welfare program that the employer, their productivity and those types of things. Those are opportunities for employers to really look at that. You know, those outcomes could actually get them to refocus on, as opposed to just offering the plan, having the plan work, and actually reach some of the goals in giving those folks an opportunity to leave when they're ready to leave. 

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