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Ricci Victorio - Tips on How to Bring Family Members into Your Business (J3017)

October 23, 2018

Bill Black, Host of the Exit Coach Radio Show, conducts this interview.

Ricci Victorio, Managing Partner of the Mosaic Family Business Center, provides coaching and guidance to individuals, families and organizational teams throughout the succession process. She and her team help families and business teams work together better and create a
platform for problem solving and future success.

Questions discussed:
1. How do you determine who you should be hiring within the family without creating upset with both your
business team and family?
2. What's the best way to determine where a child should start working?
3. How can you hold them accountable without either being too soft (to keep the peace) or too hard (risk
demotivation) , as each could create a recipe for failure?

Contact info:
Email Address ricci@mosaicfbc.com
Website www.mosaicfbc.com


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