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Rod Hatley - Essential Tips for Stress-Free Estate Planning

December 31, 2020


Back once again is Rod Hatley, of Hatley Law Group, one of the top firms in San Diego. Rod is an estate planning attorney who dealt with a 7-year probate when his father passed away. Now his passion is helping families avoid probates and courtrooms when the inevitable happens. Rod’s approach to estate planning is viewed through the lens of asset protection and he aims to help his clients make informed choices. Rod knows how stressful the transition after death can be and he hopes his clients don’t have to go through what he has. 

In his interview, he discusses estate planning in reference to the current pandemic and what you should be doing now. Estate planning isn’t just about what happens after death, but also planning for the transition process if you or a loved one were hospitalized and no longer able to make decisions or conduct business. Rod describes various necessary documents for a wide range of circumstances, as well as the importance of regularly updating your existing plan. When fear takes over, logic goes out the window, so it is important to be responsible and well-informed. Estate planning will not cause your death to come more quickly, so be proactive in preventing unneeded stress and let Rod’s expertise help you.

1 minute sections: 

  • 6:54-7:46: Talking about the necessity of building a dynamic plan and maintaining it
  • 16:20-17:23: Explaining how he puts his clients first and projecting some upcoming needs regarding estate planning
  • 18:07-19:08: Starts describing his top 3 tips - explains the difference between will and trust
  • 19:55-20:48: Estate planning doesn’t make you die any more quickly, but instead is the responsible choice to leave your family in a better position


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