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Ryan Skinner - Life insurance and Annuities in Exit Planning

June 26, 2020


Ryan Skinner, Founder and Co-Owner of Summit Financial Partners, is in the business of dedicated retirement consulting. Ryan also is the author of best-seller “Taking Stock.” He took an early interest in the stock market and sought to help people find financial security. Ryan eventually decided retirement planning was his passion and he now helps ensure families can protect their wealth and live comfortably when retired. 

In his interview, Ryan shares a variety of reasons why business owners can benefit from using insurance policies. There are so many different types of insurance policies, and it is crucial to use a competent professional who can build a plan that best fits your needs. Careful planning can protect and create a legacy for your loved ones. Ryan truly puts people first in his work, tune into his expertise for an overview on how insurance can impact exit planning.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 7:53-9:01: Comments on the many reasons why business owners should use insurance policies.
  • 12:34-13:22: People who fail to plan are planning to fail - importance of estate planning. 
  • 15:18-16:33: Using life insurance to plan a legacy for your loved ones.
  • 16:50-17:45: Discussing his book “Taking Stock: Protect Your Wealth and Create Reliable Income for a Happy and Secure Retirement”

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