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Ryan Smith - Think SBA

May 3, 2021


Ryan Smith, Principal and Founder of ThinkSBA.com, helps individuals and business owners with financing and understanding SBA funding. Before landing on the banking trajectory, Ryan served a stint as a minor league baseball player, and has since worked his way up the financial chain. He now helps people with SBA financing and aid in their learning how to acquire businesses and commercial real estate. In a field full of misconceptions, Ryan offers some much needed clarity. 

In his interview, Ryan goes over the benefits of SBA lending and funding in great depth. He dispels some myths about credit score necessary for lending and clarifies other common fallacies regarding SBA financing. Ryan also discusses a variety of ways to begin an acquisition even if you previously believed it to be impossible. In dealing with a huge milestone such as an acquisition, it is essential to have an expert in your corner, so be sure to listen to Ryan’s interview for his SBA wisdom.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 4:04-5:02: Misconceptions about credit score required for SBA lending
  • 6:51-8:06: Begins to list 10 reasons for SBA 7A loan
  • 10:30-11:31: Advantage of SBA evident through ability to lump real estate into loan
  • 16:44-17:47: Example of a situation where a key employee is taking over business ownership
  • 20:16-21:16: Where to start if a seller is helping a buyer with acquisition