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Scott McLean - What do the Three Blind Mice have to do with Your Financial Plan?

May 10, 2022


Scott McLean, of McLean Advisory Group, is also the author of “Three Blind Mice,” a book intended to help prevent people from ending up in a #financial mousetrap. With over 35 years of experience, Scott’s expertise cannot be denied, and his client retention rate further proves this. He prioritizes client relationships so they can truly be on the same page and make the wisest decisions together. 

Throughout his interview, Scott discusses the significance of an advisor’s relationship with their client. Planning for #retirement is not a cookie-cutter process. He also stresses the importance of education and sharing a common understanding of definitions and philosophy. The current process is somewhat impersonal and separated, but Scott breaks down the importance of having a cohesive relationship between #advisors, lawyers, and accountants.