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Sean Adams - Wealth secrets of the ultra-rich

July 19, 2021


In 12 years of owning multiple small businesses, Sean Adams felt overwhelming stress stemming from the government and banks having control over his income.
He consumed hundreds of books, interviews, and courses to learn as much as he could about finance and discovered the ultra-rich had insider knowledge about protecting and growing wealth. Sean made it his mission to distill down these secrets and make sure everyone had access to them. This led him to found Leveraged Life Management in order to help other professionals leverage a time-tested wealth-building strategy of the ultra-rich.


Questions we discussed today:

- How/where the wealthy warehouse their cash to get guaranteed growth on their money?
- How can aging business owners ensure a legacy plan for their company and the next generation?
- How can business owners protect their hard earned cash from bankruptcy creditors and litigators?