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Shannon Peck - The Importance of a Documented Hiring Process and How to Safeguard Companies from Discrimination Claims

July 6, 2020


Back with us again is Shannon Peck, Talent Strategist and Hiring Exert at Wejungo. Shannon focuses on helping clients build a positive culture, streamline their hiring processes, and execute recruiting strategies. At Wejungo, they aim to join people together by hiring most effectively. She is also a Provisors member and her area of expertise could make or break your business transition.

In her interview, Shannon dives deep on the importance of careful hiring practices and talent management. A bad hire can be a costly mistake, and it is well worth learning strategic hiring practices. It is essential to have specific processes in place for hiring, as well as meaningful assessments for retaining employees and forecasting future talent needs. In a business succession, your biggest asset may be your employees, and cultivating a devoted, synergistic team is essential to high valuation and lasting success.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:21-6:20: Why you should build documented hiring processes that are repeatable.
  • 9:13-10:21: The importance of finding the right fit for specific positions.
  • 12:41-13:44: Assessment tools for understanding people more than they may understand themselves in order to identify the best leaders.
  • 14:08-15:08: Documented hiring processes which preventing discrimination claims.

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