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Sherry Nooravi - Beyond the Strategic Plan: (B1018)

February 21, 2019


Sherry Nooravi is an organizational psychologist who is in the business of helping the CEOs, CFOs, and the leadership teams of leaders of small to mid-sized fast-growth companies create engaging, productive, and innovative cultures. 

These leaders come to her when they realize they need to better educate, empower, and engage their people as they face fast growth, competition, and changes in their own leadership, industry, and technology. Today, she is going to talk to us about the importance of senior team alignment and "walking the talk" - actions that help engage employees toward higher performance. 

Questions Asked:
1. What situation are clients in when they seek your help? 
2. What do the CEOs, CFOs, and senior leaders you work with need to be ready to do when they engage your services?
3. What are the challenges of changing a culture and how can the senior team overcome them?

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