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Skip Weisman - How Communication is Killing Company Profits in Small Businesses

March 29, 2017

Skip Weisman is in the business of improving workplace communication so that small business owners can create a more positive, productive and profitable company.

Questions Asked: 

1) You typically work with small businesses with between 6-60 employees, why do you focus on that size/type of business?

2) How, specifically, does communication kill company profits in small businesses?

3) What are the biggest communication mistakes small business leaders make in leading their employees?

Contact Info

Website: www.YourChampionshipCompany.com

Email: Skip@WorkplaceCommunicationExpert.com

Bonus Material

New white paper report "The Missing Ingredient to Improving Employee Performance" also comes with a bonus report "Your 31 Vital Workplace Communication Questions Answered" - FREE at www.YourChampionshipCompany.com 

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