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Sonni Sabahi - Business Relationships, Investing, and Saving Money

February 10, 2021

Screen_Shot_2020-06-16_at_90607_PM_7qc6r.pngSonni Sabahi, Managing Director of ICM Capital Markets, Inc., specializes in whole loan trading and investments. He’s been in the financial and real estate industries for nearly 25 years. ICM Capital Markets, Inc. began in 2008 following the market crash. With the current crisis, his profession is extremely relevant as banks need cash to survive. 

Sonni describes how a residential whole loan fund works and why it can be a good alternative to the stock market as an investment. He shares how defunct loans can become revenue sources for investors. Sonni also explains why the current crisis has led to problems for big banks and how to gain assets at a discount. We always hope to bring new ideas to our listeners, so if you’re looking for new investment ventures be sure to listen to Sonni’s insight.

1-Minute Sections:
3:04-4:10: What is a whole loan and trading investment?
5:00-6:00: An idea of what Sonni does at ICM Capital, Inc.
7:02-8:06: Covid crisis and investment opportunities due to liquidity issues.
11:13-12:15: Discussing this form of investment as an asset class which is not bound to the stock market.